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9 to 5

Judy Bernly
North Texas Performing Arts, TX
9 to 5 - Judy Bernly

"Rachel has a destiny among the stars if she continues to press ahead; her vocal control, power, and connectedness was as good as it gets in the 11 o'clock number "Get Out and Stay Out,"..... [It] was possibly the most important number in the aesthetic of the show, the plot line, the character, and the actress -- the realization that this girl's got a future!"

- Holly Reed, The Column Online

"Poole's Judy, originally played by Jane Fonda in the film, was truly a joy. Poole quite literally sung the house down in her 'Get Out and Stay Out.' Her voice is a powerhouse to say the least."

-Victoria Lee, Broadway World


Jubilee Theatre, TX
"Poole was the creative standout for this viewer, with a deceptively ingratiating air about her character that is at once stoic, tragically vulnerable, and appropriately funny."
- Richard Oliver, Theatre Jones
"Rachel Poole is the shiny spot on stage with her portrayal of Cheryl, the daughter of the Levay family's longtime servant..."
"I recently saw Ms. Poole as Lourdes in 'Luna Gale' and I am so happy to see her in a much larger and more demanding role here."
"...When [the plot twist] is revealed, Rachel floods the stage with emotion and pulls the audience right in there with her. Dazzling."
- Richard P. Buswold, The Column Online

Luna Gale

Circle Theatre, TX
"And [Karlie and Peter's] story is only one of 90 in Caroline's case load: She's also trying to make sure that Lourdes (TCU's Rachel Poole in a vivid performance), an 18-year-old who's aging out of foster care, won't stumble as she heads for college and the world."
- Jan Farrington, Theatre Jones

Fiddler on the Roof

Texas Christian University
"Comedically, Sophomore Theatre TCU student Rachel Poole was a crowd favorite. Hilarious physicality and vocals combined with her timely acting abilities had the audience laughing at her mere presence onstage."
- Audrey Morabito, Broadway World


Felicia Ferral
Greater Lewisville Community Theatre
"Ms. Poole's engaging presence and capable vocals are undeniable in this role..."
- Mildred Austin, The Column Online
"[Rachel Nicole Poole and Rare Orion] are immensely gifted actors possessed out of this world vocals that blew the roof off! Their vocal riffs and octaves bathed the audience in rich, warm honey..."
"The acting craft was so natural and honest, that we the audience truly believed in them to win against bigotry."
"The subtext they created as individuals was magnificent to observe. Ms. Poole and Mr. Orion are two superlative new talents that will amaze you!"
- John Garcia, The Column Online
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